Thoughts on Starting Anew

Failure is seen as such a scary thing. The idea of it often is the reason we never begin something. the “what if I fail” feeling strangles us and the excitement of our dreams.

What is we saw failure as fertilizer. As something that enriches us, our lives and those of the lives around us. Each time we try something we get to see what works and what doesn’t. We can easily discard the things that don’t work, pop it in the compost and continue to cultivate and tend to the seedlings of things that did grow from the trying.

In watching us try things others learn too. Perfection is intimating and overwhelming and impossible. Seeing others try and sometimes not succeed reminds us that we’re all really just making things up as we go along and seeing what grows from our efforts.

Its after Labour weekend which according to my grandfather is the best time to start planting the veges for the summer growing season. Some of the seedlings we pop in our patch are going to bloom and grow and feed us, others are going to never make it above the ground. There are so many factors that will contribute to that, some in our control and others part of the mysteries of life and growing.

We will enjoy the vegetables that do grow, eat them and share them.Those that don’t we will consider whether they were in the wrong spot or at the wrong time and remember that for the next planting.

May we treat our dreams and ideas like we treat our gardens. We don’t avoid planting tomatoes again this year simply because they failed to grow last season. We simply put them in a different pot with some new fertilizer and try again in a new place.

The Seedling Therapies Collective is both a seedling dream that is being replanted in a new spot and a nursery for other seedling dream to be planted and tended to and explored for potential growth.

Welcome fellow Dreamers and Gardeners. May we fertilise one another and watch each other grow from our collective successes and failures.