Sara Warnock

Creator and Lead Teacher

200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and University Qualifed Primary School Teacher Sara used Yoga as one of many tools to manage her Mental Health throughout her studies as a Primary School Teacher.
As a first year school teacher the demands of the job combined with her distress at seeing the increasing number of youth struggling with Mental Health lead to Sara reaching crisis point in both her mental and professional life.

Resolved to use her skillsets to support youth Sara opened a Yoga Studio to offer Yoga classes for the whole family.

Supported by the Hutt City Council, who saw her passion and vision, Sara used her experience as a Yoga Teacher and her understanding of The New Zealand Curriculum and lesson planning to write a Unit Plan to introduce Yoga into New Zealand Classrooms in a useful, outcome oriented way.

The program is designed so Teachers are able to assess students participation alongside Curriculum Achievement Objectives, Can intergrate the program into their Termly unit Planning and include it in their Teaching Portfolio whilst students learn practical skills that they can use not only in the classroom but in all areas of their lives.

Sara’s goal is to have all classrooms in the country using Yoga as part of their daily routine.

Sara’s Values

  • Authenticity

    Be yourself. Even when it’s hard.

    Especially when it’s hard.

    Speak what is true, when it is also kind and helpful.

    Be open to changing your mind even if you don’t want to.

  • Responsiblity

    Be responsible for your Self. Your emotions. Your responses. Your choices.

    Be accountable when you make a mistake.

    Be open to constructive feedback.

  • Balance

    See all perspectives.

    Work when you need to. Play when you need to.

    Look for progress rather than perfection.

    Be human.