Generate Body Awareness

We use the yoga poses to introduce students to the anatomic names and functions of their bodies. We endeavour to educate them fully on the function of each shape so that they can keep themselves safe, know how they can be relevant for other areas of their lives and also, to be able to share their knowledge with their families.

Facilitate Emotional Intelligence

Throughout their journey learning the function and form of the shapes we begin to draw student attention to the sensations that happen in their body. Is it pain? Is it stretch? Where do you feel it?  What is it you feel? Hot? Cold?  Tight? We begin to introduce a vocabulary that becomes a foundation on which to discuss our feelings and emotions with depth and awareness.

Build Relationship and Community

Talking about our emotions and our Body is deeply personal. It requires trust and an environment of safety. In addition to this all classrooms have their own unique culture and students with differing needs. We have the desire and the ability to work with you to build a relationship that enables us to not only have a positive relationship with your students but also to best equip you and your students with tools that work for them.

Support Teacher Wellbeing

Our program is designed to not only include the teachers so they can experience and reap the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness in their own lives but also to equip them with the Yoga as a means of a positive behavioural support tool in their classrooms.